Pet Friendly Pet Policy

Pet Policy – Posted to our website 11/18/20 

Blue Ridge Playground – Karen and Ken Barber


Guests – please read, print, complete steps, complete form and email it to – to receive approval.


  1. insurance
  2. completion of steps below
  3. crate brought for alone time, no puppies or kittens (less   that 1 year old – no exceptions),
  4. no vicious pets approved.

Wintergreen Resort (both lower Stoney Creek and upper Mountain Village):  Yes there is a leash law.

Nelson County (outside boundaries of the Resort):  No running at large – must be on leash or obedient and close (new amendment to law 11/2020) 

Not advisable to walk your dog without a leash.

Health, Shots, Treatments:

1.  Fleas and Ticks are heavy most years, so pets must be treated. In November, we are still finding ticks.

2.  Rabies shots must be current.  We have all types of animals in the National Forests that can carry rabies.


Since children use the yard and the forest, please bring baggies to dispose of dog poo or walk dogs along the road or forest where no-one will step in it.


  1. If a direct booking or AirBnB (VRBO exempt) – Within 72 hours of arrival all steps must be complete, the Responsible Party for the home shall send an email to Blue Ridge Playground ( asking to bring a pet(s).  Insurance Company will not issue a policy too close to arrival.  No insurance, pet will not be approved.

2.  A crate must be brought for each pet for alone time.  Pets are not allowed to be locked in bedrooms or bathrooms.  Not allowed to sleep in beds or on furniture because of fleas and ticks.

3.  If you book through VRBO this step is automatically taken care of with security deposit. If booking through AirBnB or Direct Book – After approval of the pet(s), a link for CSA Travel Insurance will be sent to the requestor.  It will ask for $59.00 for a $1500 insurance policy.  They will immediately reply with the policy.

4.  Forward that policy/proof to Blue Ridge Playground and we will reply to you received and approved.

In your request, please provide the following information on each pet (copy and paste this area in a new email):

1.  Type:

2.  Sex:

3.  Age:

4.  Weight:

5.  Name:

6.  Have you treated your pet for fleas and ticks (yes/no):

7.  Rabies shots up to date (yes/no):  

(If you need an emergency grooming or boarding, or if your pet bites someone you will need the rabies shot records with you.) We had a small boy riding a bike and a calm dog chased him and grabbed him by the arm to stop him (to play).  The boy had to have several surgeries and the dog was surrendered and destroyed.

8.  Microchipped or a collar with your phone number (yes/no):

9.  Any health concerns about your pet(s):    

10.  Photo available to send or bring in case your pet gets lost (attachment ok):

11.  If your pet gets loose, would it be likely to chase a bear or deer that could take it a long distance or fight with a cornered squirrel or raccoon:

Notes:  We have a Wintergreen/Nelson NextDoor app for neighbors where neighbors quickly post lost and found pets.  So the minute you lose your pet, call me 434-529-7301, text me photo if you have not already provided it and I will get the word out.  Area people and rescue organizations know that if they can not identify a found pet, they will call Animal Control that will hold pets for a specific period of time.  A photo becomes invaluable.  We call Nelson County Animal Control with 911.  As the crow flies, deer and bear and lost dogs can end up on one or other (Valley or Mountain) very quickly. Some Resort trails make that travel quick and easy.  Our neighbors deal with lots of lost and found pets, but the quicker found the better.  The more time goes by, the more likely the pet will not be found or be found injured or deceased.  This happens more often than you might think.

About 30 days before Guest arrival please consider the type of flea and tick protection for your pets.  We have different types of ticks here, some are easy to see, some are very small and look like a speck of dirt.  In this area, we have ticks carrying people Lymes Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.  Both of these diseases are easily cured if caught early and treated with a specific antibiotic.  I have been treated for Rocky Mountain Spotted fever (symptoms are flu-like symptoms outside of flu season and is deadly to humans very quickly).  

If you have any questions or suggestions for this post, please call or write us.

Thank you.  We love being responsibly Pet Friendly.

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