Guest Check-In and Check-Out Lists

CHECKLIST of what is provided and what Guests should bring. Guest Check-In and Check-Out Lists – During Pandemic Period of new Reservations Starting 6/12/2020 – updated 7/10/2020 9:48 pm

Blue Ridge Playground


VACATION RENTALS IN WINTERGREEN RESORT® A Nelson County, Virginia Small Business

During the Pandemic, we have developed guidelines from CDC, WHO, Commonwealth of Virginia, County of Nelson, VRBO/HomeAway, AirBnb, and Wintergreen Resort. The new and hopefully temporary procedures include: no one goes in until 24 hours after Guest departure and there is at least 72 hours between each Guest reservation. After the 24 hours has elapsed, and before the next Guest, Diamond Facility Services, Waynesboro, VA will perform the fogging and cleaning with the recommended disinfectants.

We provide equipment and many disposable items to run the household. 
During the Pandemic period certain non-disposable items will not be provided – for your safety. Both types are listed below:

We provide these Disposables:

Laundry (we provide)
Laundry Detergent – 1 Load
Fabric Softener – 1 Load
Dryer Sheets – 1 Load

Kitchen (we provide)
3 rolls of paper towels
Aluminum Foil
Dishwasher Detergent
Hand Dish Detergent
2 Brillo Pads and 1 New Sponge
Trash Bags – 7 – lightweight

Cooking equipment including pots and pans, roasting pan with lid, crock pot. Plenty of plates, glasses, utensils; There are two types of coffee pots – pot and Kcup; Canned fire extinguisher by stove. Fire extinguisher mounted on kitchen to living room divider for use with propane fireplaces. Leave fireplaces pilot light lit. Just hit the on/off buttons only.

Propane grill with plenty of propane

General Cleaning Supplies (we provide)Lysol Spray; Lysol or Chlorox wipes, Alcohol wipes, swifter wet pads; you should bring some also in case we are unable to get the Lysol stuff.

Bathrooms (we provide)

3 rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom. Antibacterial soap at each sink.

Bedrooms (we provide)

We provide bottom and top sheets – washed in hot water and disinfectant; We provide trash bags for putting sheets in at check-out. Bags go on porch for pickup.


Guests bring these personal choices (These Disposables Are Not Included During Pandemic)

Pillows, Bath Towels, hand towels, wash cloths, swim towels for pool or lake, lawn chair for events. The Member/Guest pools do not have chairs or umbrellas.

Soap for tub or shower Shampoo
Bubble Bath
Dish Towels
Additional Trash Bags or Heavy Duty

Extra disposable disinfectant items for your car

1 Primary and 1 Backup Mask

Disposable Gloves

Lysol wipes or Spray or Alcohol wipes


Pet Policy

Proof of Insurance Policy

Crate for Scheduled or Emergency “Alone” time

Thank you. The Pandemic has made it more work and expense for the Travelers and the Hosts, but we really hope you enjoy your vacation and your family and friend time in the Blue Ridge Playground. Be safe, healthy and happy.

Karen and Ken Barber – The Heart of Wintergreen™
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GUEST CHECK OUT List To Do For the Person doing the last walk through:

  1. Put 2 Lanyards with Guest passes on refrigerator. 
  2. Last person walk through is to look to be sure nothing left behind that would cost a fee and postage to return – look in drawers, under beds… Be sure to take your pillows, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, dish towels and blankets. Sheets are ours and see below for handling.
  3. Empty dishwasher and put away everything clean in kitchen. Check oven that it is clean. Check grill that it is clean.
  4. Lock each window (2 part open/close) and doors from our intelligent bears. 
  5. Take all kitchen and bathroom trash to dumpster. Do not leave food, bags, or anything in refrigerator or cabinets; take your pillows, blankets, towels, check washer and dryer for your things. 
  6. Put all bed sheets, tablecloths in provided bags (bedroom on main floor or any trash bag) and put on kitchen porch separate from trash so it doesn’t get confused with trash. 
  7. Put not-used emergency disinfectant supply container back on table. Put disinfectant wipes by outside if removed.
  8. Make sure no commodes running. Please wipe down a few light switches and door knobs for next person coming in to work. 
  9. Please be sure there is nothing left behind from your pet in the yard. Small children play in the yard.
  10. Be sure to alert me if anyone gets sick, we will do the same for you if any of us or any vendor gets sick. This will enable us to take more precautions for the next guest or let them cancel if not comfortable.
  11. If anything major needed maintenance, you would have called us at the time. Anything not major, please email me or call me as soon as possible so that we can try to get it fixed before the next guest. It is difficult to get vendors in a timely fashion during this time.
  12. Call the Host 20 minutes before departure. Use your house phone.  I will walk him/her through turning off the water.  Also we will know you have gone. If you need a later checkout that is fine, just call me. You can have up to 6:00 pm for check-out.

Thank you for doing a great job checking in and checking out during the Pandemic. We hope you had a wonderful time and made lots of good memories with your family and friends. Please come back and stay with us again. We love our Guests.

Karen and Ken Barber – The Heart of Wintergreen

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