Covid-19 Procedures meant to keep us all safe – 7/11/2020

Surprise! A pandemic hit us this spring. We had a full calendar of reservations for the spring and summer, mostly Guests who made reservations with family and friends after the first of the year. They coordinated time off from work and we all marked our calendars with mostly our 7 day special of $2500 Rent, plus taxes, etc.. Then the Corona Virus hit and everyone cancelled. No one lost any money that reserved with us.

A few months of fear and change took place. Families couldn’t get together, it just wasn’t safe. Masks, social distancing, no travel, it just didn’t seem real. When would it be over.

Well, things have gotten a little better and we are lucky to live in Nelson County, Virginia. The positive test results as of 7/10/20 is 22, no deaths, thank God.

As the powers to be tell us that we can travel and see family and friends, but still use precautions, we now have a full calendar of reservations again. People want to get together and spend quality time together, cooking, sitting on the deck, relaxing, catching up and getting out and doing a few things as they become available.

Another link on our page is our modified check-in and check-out lists that are intended to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Here are the details of the procedures that we have adopted to try to keep everyone safe with no end date. We want to keep our Guests from getting sick, the homeowners, vendors, housekeepers, and us. We hope that if you decide to stay with other hosts that you will check their procedures. Ask the question, “How have you changed your procedures to keep everyone safe?”

If you have any questions about our procedures, please call or write.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, between each Guest Stay, without exception, we are taking extra precautions with an Enhanced Cleaning/Dry Rinse Fogging for everyone’s safety, ie, Guests, HomeOwners, Vendors, Pets and us. 

In each of our Vacation Rentals we have adopted items from a combination of guidelines from the CDC, WHO, VRBO/HomeAway, AirBnb, and Wintergreen Resort.  

This includes:

Timing of Guest Check-In and Check-Out.

Fogging by a reputable company with the recommended disinfectants for the Corona Virus.

Cleaning with recommended disinfectants that are Hydrogen Peroxide based Enhanced cleaning and disinfection products for the Corona Virus.

Providing recommended disinfectant products for Guest use upon arrival and departure.

Providing antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizer.

Updated Checklist for what is provided by us and what Guest should bring to be the safest during this time.

Leaving the home vacant for 24 hours after Guest departure

Leaving a gap of at least 72 hours between Guest arrival and departure

Fogging and cleaning between each Guest stay for the Corona Virus 

Professional whole house Fogging and Cleaning being performed by Diamond Facility Services, Waynesboro, VA

This and more information can be obtained from Diamond’s website:

Excerpts from their website:

“The Disinfectant is an Unscented Dry Mist – No wipe, no rinse, bleach and PAA free”

“Reaches into every nook, crevice and corner that disinfecting sprays, wipes and UV light can’t”

“Healthcare-grade Bactericide* Virucide** Fungicide”

“EPA registered disinfecting fogging formula for whole room surface disinfection.”

Please visit their website if you would like more information. Please ask for Rick who evaluated and made the recommendations to us. We researched and talked to many people. Tell Rick that we recommended him.

During this pandemic time, maintenance problems (rare) will be handled by discussion with Guest and us to determine the need for a fix during the Guest stay and the risk of bringing vendors into the home.

We will help Guests with requirements, activities, activity changes at the Resort, Nelson County and in the Blue Ridge Playground.

So far the procedure has been working as planned and we have been thanked by Guests for our concern for their safety. 

As you know, none of this is required, there is added expense, but please check with your prospective host before making a reservation to see what they are doing to keep you, the Guests safe, and others like housekeeping staff and vendors who move from home to home.  

The Nelson County statistics are currently low for positive tests, but we believe that is because most people are being vigilant in staying safe at all times.

Thank you.

Karen and Ken Barber, HomeOwner Agents (We also live full-time at Wintergreen Resort, managing a few quality properties.)

804-475-1066 or